Writing in company is an interesting symptom that foreshadows a great development of authorship. Maybe we will write as one some day, think and act; whole communities, even nations will undertake a single work together. Novalis 1837

Writing is overcoming emptiness and thus is the epitome of change.
Ralf Georg Czapla

In literary circles in the past, people spoke of the cruelty of the white sheet of paper. However a blank sheet is also a screen. A blank page: no limitations, rules, information on length, no boundaries.

The participants wrote a book over the course of a year. Passers-by and visitors to the exhibition and in particular the older residents on the streets were also invited to contribute to the writing. The authors used a specially developed browser-based software. They wrote without knowing what the others were writing. The text was archived by mouse click or after a communication break of 8 minutes, disappeared into a digital archive and was no longer accessible. Only after the conclusion of 2-3 Streets was the result of the year published. The contributions appear as continuous text, anonymous and in the order in which they were created. The names of the authors are also listed on the final pages in the order of their contribution.

2-3 Straßen TEXT was published by DuMont Buchverlag in mid March 2011. 887 people became authors: new and old residents, visitors, passers-by on the streets, participants from all levels of contemporary society. They tell of their presence here on 3.000 pages. They write in many different languages here in the heart of Germany: in German, English, Turkish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, Greek, Croatian, Serbian, Albanian and Hungarian. Individual voices stand out and get lost again in the maze of voices, tracks are laid, mix together or miss each other and disappear, and the text becomes a river without banks. A coordinate system emerges between remembering and forgetting.

Of course, not every writer turns into a Marcel Proust. The important thing is that the whole of society produced this text. Ruedi Jörg-Fromm



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