1.457 people from 30 different countries applied to take part in 2-3 Streets and live for a year in the Ruhr area. It was possible to find living quarters for 78 participants in the three cities. Most new tenants are between 30 and 40 years of age, the youngest participant is 19 years old, the eldest participant 68 years old.

They live their normal lives and the majority of them – some are artists, however most of the creative people have “common” occupations – continue to pursue their previous occupations. Their new living quarters are not artists’ districts or “cultural” parts of the city. They move into streets that are typical of the Ruhr area. It would certainly not be unfair to call them problem districts. Different nationalities live here, several streets are characterised by vacant apartments and unemployment.

The ideas that were realised on the streets are as diverse as the districts themselves. Many meetings and initiatives left traces, which will last beyond the year 2010. The time and place for change, which can never come too late, is not utopia, but rather creativity in the here and now – creativity as renewable social energy.




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