3 Cities


Duisburg Hochfeld: a district located in the south-western part of the city. Turkish shops and cafés define the area, the average age is 38 years, local population figures are declining. In some of the 1950s apartment blocks, every fourth apartment is uninhabited. GEBAG, the Duisburg-based construction company renovated 20 apartments in the Sankt-Johann Straße / Saarbrücker Straße block, and made them available for the 2-3 Streets exhibition. 26 new tenants moved in here in 2010.

Mülheim an der Ruhr

The Hans-Böckler-Platz 7/9 apartment block in the centre of Mülheim is a ‘vertical’ street. The 222 apartments are part of a once prestigious 1970s urban redevelopment project considered out of date just a few years after its completion. This has resulted in many vacant apartments. The housing development company SWB provided 13 renovated apartments for 21 participants. The Art Guesthouse was located on the 17th Floor for journalists from all over the world, who wished to report on this artwork – and also contribute to the common text.


Borsigplatz in Nordstadt:  a working-class area, the site of Borussia Dortmund’s foundation and a multicultural district. 40% of the residents are from Turkey, the former Soviet Union, from African and other countries. In the early 1920s, Hoesch AG built living quarters for workers in the Westfalenhütte steelworks. Nowadays, this is managed by the real-estate company, Evonik Wohnen GmbH. In 2010, 24 apartments went to 31 participants of 2-3 Streets.

3 Cities − 2011

78 participants in 2-3 Streets moved to the Ruhr area, 40 of these have stayed on − in Duisburg and Dortmund − and they have been granted a 30% reduction in their rent. In all the participating cities, the commitment of new and old residents continues: Premises for neighbourhood activities are being created, projects from 2010 continue, existing co-operations, opportunities and possibilities are being utilised and new ones sought. In Dortmund, 12 participants established the "social enterprise" Borsig.11. It links creative people in the district, launches initiatives, offers small businesses a platform for presenting and selling their products, which are developed in Nordstadt in the area around Borsigplatz.

These diverse ideas and activities all have a common goal − to revive and develop the districts by means of social creativity.

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